We're a full service animation studio, and we love to bring characters to life.

Our Work

Our work appears in commercials, film, and XR experiences. We're actively developing several projects which we can't wait to share with you. Until that time, please see some of our previous work:


Keo Heng

Keo is a technical animator who enjoys jumping into art and tech work equally. With a long history in games and mixed reality, he's a technical force who can animate as well. Keo's a powerhouse on the left and right side of the brain, and has the experience to tie the sides together to continually make awesome things come to life.

Chad Moore

Someone once said that Chad Moore works best by helping people do their best work. He's worked in Animation, Video Games, Software Development, Education, and Experience Design. He's lead teams and projects and is excellent at connecting people and ideas. Then driving the production of those ideas into completed projects. Check out his blog.

Mike Taylor

For a dangerously long time, Mike Taylor has been staring at a computer screen, bringing all sorts of characters and creatures to life through the magic of animation. His work can be found in commercials, video games, film and in some of the country’s top museums. He can - and has - done it all. From ‘just’ contributing his animation skills to large teams to creating animations for clients all by his lonely self. Mike especially shines when leading productions or a team of animators.

Our Services

Film, Commercials, Games, XR; as long as there's a connection to be made with an audience, we've got you covered. We also provide consulting and training services to animators and their teams.

With deep experience in animation and game development, NuHalu’s team can take on any project. Our artists and technicians will help you make the game or animated production of your dreams. Our skillset extends to pre-vis and post production as well. We're well versed in technical integration for Mocap and 3D scanning too. We love to do and teach. We can help you and your team with custom consulting workshops and other training.

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